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May 11th

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Help! I can't figure out these sweater directions

I hope someone can help me decipher these directions. Pattern is as follows:

Dec 1 st at front slope edge only on 4th and 11 foll 4th rows, then on 2 following 6th rows.

I start out with 48 stiches, perform the above, and end with 34 stiches.

Thanks is advance!

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Miracle of Miracles - 2 FOs!

I haven't been doing lots of knitting just lately; the weather has grown beautiful, there's a lot of work, a garden screaming for my attention, and I'm also forcing myself to get out there and date. Which has been mostly nice. :)

May 10th

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Off topic but so worth celebrating!

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Old Forge a WIP

OldForge600Sts (1)

May 9th

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HI everyone! Been away for a few weeks but I have started this sock using Confeti Yarn. It's great as the yarn is dyed so it looks like you are working hard with color changes, but really it is just the yarn doing the work. I wanted something easy as my mother has been in the hospital very ill for the last eight weeks. I have attached some pics to see the process.

May 8th

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Finished sweater

This has been done for weeks (sans zipper), but I could never find the time to post until now. Surprisingly, I've started another sweater, for me this time, which I'll post some pics of my progress later.

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Maurice Sendak has died.

I was very saddened to learn that Maurice Sendak - a marvelous author/illustrator - has died. I have been a great admirer of his various works [books, set designs, etc.] ever since I was quite young. I always thought his critters, etc. would make great knitted toys. May he be at peace and Blessed.

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Small gauge DPNs

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for DPNs below US size 0. I'm looking for something like 00 or 000 and I wondered if anyone has gotten any brands that they have liked in particular and/or have held up well. And if so, where did you purchase them? I have really liked all the Knitpicks needles I have used, but they only go down to size 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

May 7th

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Raglan short-sleeved sweater for dear old Mom

Here a just a couple pictures of the work in progress. It's nothing fancy but it is next attempt at reading and actually understanding pattern directions.

May 6th