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May 18th

Toe up socks, one more time.

The competitive part of me won't let the toe up sock nightmare go. It looks like im forced to try again. This time though, I've promised myself to really read the short rows section for the heel again and again. It was such a nightmare the first time that I've blotted out the attempt. Even though its foggy I think I ran into a snag when it came to picking up the wraps.
Wish me luck.

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Old Forge from Stephen West

NatasiOldForge (1)

May 16th

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Sun Dying, Christmas Cowls (FO's), and WIP's


May 14th

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Looking for Super Chunky Yarn

I am going to make a heavy sweater jacket for hiking in the cold weather months. The yarn it calls for is Morehouse Merino Bulky (100% Merino wool) that knits at 10 sts and 18 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch. That particular yarn is $17.50 or so. I need 8 or 9 skeins of it! Ouch.

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Carolina Fiber Fest--This Weekend

Hey Guys! Just thought I would post here to let you know of the CFF. It is part of a larger Got to be NC festival. It begins Friday Morning and runs through Sunday evening. There will be classes, vendors, demos, and more. It is housed in the Jim Graham building on the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. For more info check out: Hope to see you there!

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Going stir crazy

Don't you hate it when you COULD be knitting?

May 13th

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Sweater coming along

I am at a turning point in the short-sleeved sweater that I am making for my mom. I thought my fingers were going to cramp last night as I did the last few rows. There is an 8-stitch increase per right side row and the last row had 302 stitches. I had to stop and do some flexing exercises every now and then. I thought I'd post this photo before I joined the front panels and the back panel.

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New Yarn Bowl

I just finished a new yarn bowl. Unlike my Pig or nesting bowl this one is smaller. Great for sock knitting or lace knitting.

May 12th

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My trip to the Yarn Harlot

Hi everyone,

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Miniature knitting (Amazing video!)

A few days ago I had posed a question about small gauge knitting needles. I got a lot of good information, thanks everyone! Just yesterday I ordered some 000 and some 000-000 (5/0] DPNs from Hiya Hiya because I would like to experiment a bit with miniature knitting.