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April 21st

Lacy Sweater for sis.

hello all,
You've all inspired me to give lace a try. I mean, I've done smaller projects like edgings or scarves, but I've never done a large lace garment at all. So I thought I'd give it a try.

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Realmente gostaria de agradecer pela criação desse site onde pessoas inteligentes compartilham o que há de mais belo: as suas criações! Sinto-me contente e um pouco tímido... Contente por estar participando. Tímido por ser iniciante na arte de tricotar, embora o faça desde a adolescência. Agora estou no meio do meu terceiro projeto pra valer.

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Finished Vest

I actually finished something I can wear other than a scarf or hat! I like the way it turned out. I need to block it now that it is all done. I had already blocked it before I joined the front and the back. I really enjoyed the experience. The next project, I think, is going to be a knitted jacket made with super chunky wool that I can wear late fall and early spring.

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Orkney wool

Dear friends,

I have oft waxed lyrical about the lovely wool from Orkeny and especially the delights of the North Ronaldsay wool hand dyed by Pam Murray. I found her online here: my recent vest was knitted in her 4 ply


April 20th

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Some FO's and items to be started

I made another roar hat this week for a co-workers kid because I simply have that much left over yarn from two skeins of the Berroco Vintage. Nice stuff, I do say, better then Encore.I also tore out the lap blanket I was making for work because it looked like some hideous 1972 afghan and re-knit it into this that I finished and blocked this morning.

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FO: Baby sleeper

A friend just adopted a newborn baby, so I thought I'd knit something for him. I chose this cute drawstring kimono from a pattern search on Ravelry. The day I heard about the baby, we were taking our school kids on a field trip and I knew I'd have some time to cast on and get started, so I popped out quickly to my LYS, but they weren't open yet.

April 19th

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Great site!

Just wanted to say hi and im glad to fine a site for us blokes who knit. ive only just started and knitted my 1st scarf ( pics to follow!), so tips and ideas are gratefully received. thanks

April 17th

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Pictures to follow

I assumed you cold upload from th seems not...grrrrrr

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Some finishers and some in progress...

Dear knitting chums,

It's been a while since my last rant/ramble (thank you all for your kind and consoling words) So I thought I'd check in with you all and updates some projects and plans.