Archive - Mar 9, 2012

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Almost done

No one ever shows a project soaking so here it is all nasty and wet.

and of course blocking.

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Needed: Fairisle Sleeveless Vest Patterns!

I am earnestly searching for fairisle (stranded) sleeveless vest patterns. I want modern patterns because the vintage ones don't fit. I am hopeless at adapting patterns with a repeat design so I would like to go the easy route and just buy new patterns.

Can anyone help here?

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday Every one. I cant wait to get out of work and go home and relax this weekend. Don't have much to show right now. Had started some sock but I've started them over three times already. Trying them tow at a time but some how I got my pattern all tangled the first time so pull off the needle and restarted.