Archive - Mar 23, 2012

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Fair Isle Finished

Finished my first Fair Isle sweater.

Tried to strand loose enough to prevent puckers, but still had some where I wove secondary colors. However, I'm sure another steam block will help to flatten them out.

Attached a few pics.

Thanks to all who helped me with the underarm questions. Kitchener worked well.


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Pattern Frustration!

I spend this morning ripping out a scarf I had half completed. This pattern was something that looks like blocks that keep shifting positions. I got half way done when the pattern changes and found out the pattern was incorrect. The math calculations were off. Although I spend a lot of time recalculating the math for the error and it seem to be working, I found myself re-writing the pattern.

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Payday is a fund day at the LYS

Went down to the LYS and bought some more needles and some new skeins. Found this gorgeous green that I had spotted the last time I was there but was unable to get and took a little bit more time to look at some of the other yarns. Man I love this place and it's more fun on pay days.

My kitty pi is a hit

Hi everyone, Another project that I knitted awhile ago, the kittens like it.
I used three yarns held together as one throughout the pattern. I hoped this would give some extra cushioning for the cats and kittens. I had to make this out of acrylic yarn as our cats hiss at any other animal fiber, lucky for me they never get near my wool yarns.