Archive - Mar 21, 2012

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So yesterday instead of lunch I went to visit a LYS close to work. I have to take another day to visit a different one that is also in my area. I got a give it to them. It's a great little place but its filled with lots of goodies. I was like a kid in a candy store. I had a budget of what I could spend yesterday but I'm counting my pennies for payday to see what goodies I can get.

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A Turtles Pace

Hi Everyone, I am new to the site and love reading the posts so I decided to post my first one. just finished a toy turtle as my last project. It was a far cry from sweaters, cowls and socks that I usually do. A friend of mine asked me to knit it for her daughters birthday and I agreed. I was glad when I completed it even though I avoided working on it as much as I could.