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March 31st

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Shawl in progress.

Just a Boneyard shawl in progress using Kauni EK yarn. Nothing special.

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Working on my first Lopi

So, I started a Lopi sweater out of the Lopi Magazine #31 called Jon. This is the progress so far. I've finished the body up to the level of the sleeves, now I need to cast on the sleeves, work them, then combine with the body to do the yoke.

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Orange Hoodie

I am making this for my roommate (exwife) (don't say it, we still get along). I found it to be a fun project so far and she seems to like it so far. I am using Berroco Comfort Worsted weight. 50% superfine nylon and 50% super fine acrylic. Pumpkin color.

March 30th

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Kickstarter for Historical Knitting Project

Hey Men,

Hope it is going well for all of you out there in the Fiber Filled world of Knit Land. I just wanted to share with you a new project I am working on. (I meant to share earlier but totally slipped my mind until someone just reminded me on Ravelry!!)

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Hello Again

I've been a bit remiss on checking in on things over here on MWK. Hope all is well with everyone. I've been busy with everything happening but have gotten in some nights of knitting.

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NYC lys

Im in soho for a few days. Any good yarn shops down this way?

March 29th

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Yarn Similarities

Being a newbie, I am at a loss when it comes to choosing yarn sizes to match patterns. I finally found a sweater pattern that I think I can handle. It calls for Morehouse Merino Bulky which is:
Yarn Type:
100% Merino, bulky weight
115 yards per skein / approximately 4 oz.
Needle Sizes:
#13 to #17 / 2 to 2½ stitches = 1 inch

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OT: Post photos from iPad?

Sorry for the odd question, but my computer recently died and I'm experimenting with replacing it with an Ipad. Since so much of what I do is web based these days, it works great for nearly everything, but there are some gaps. I recently discovered one whn I tried to post a photo of my latest project here.

March 28th

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baby sock

Like promised I finished some baby sock and I wanted to share them with you guys. These are going to a co-workers baby's. Hopefully she appreciate them. Didn't take long to finish wanted a smaller project so I knew what to expect when I moved to the next step on some socks I'm making for myself. Have a wonderful evening every one.


March 27th

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Off topic

I want this car!