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February 6th

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A Hat and a Kilt

KiltedKnitter (1)

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Lace Knitting

3 months Cape Town has produced this dressing gown

February 5th

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Sweater Blues

Hi everyone! I think it's honestly been about a year or so since I posted here, but I've been slowly making my way back into the knitting world since I graduated college and have been pursuing a lot of different jobs and ventures.

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I saw a hat like this on TV

I thought I can make one of those and here is my version

February 4th

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Anyone in Memphis?

I've just relocated to the Memphis area and am looking for a Men's Knitting group on Rav... Trouble is there doesn't seem to be one. Is anyone else in the Memphis area and interested in joining a Memphis Men's Knitting group with the aim of a monthly knit night?

February 3rd

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Strengthening a Stitch

I am working on a shrug and I am doing the sleeves without a seam by knitting with circular needles. I am just about ready to switch from knitting in a circle to going back and forth to create the center portion of the shrug.

February 2nd

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Dear Abby

Dear Abby from March 15, 1962!

"Any man who knits in public is obviously masculine enough to defend himself"

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Cable hell

After I finish this tam it's going to be a very long time before I perform another cable. I used to think they were fun.

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Picking or Throwing??

Hey All,
So I am a thrower (english) and in-between projects. I'm thinking of trying continental for my next (simple!) project, and was wondering how did the switch go for any of you out there? I have given it a half-hearted attempt a couple of times, get frustrated and go back to throwing....but have heard picking is much faster which I would like to be!!