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February 2nd

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Dear Abby

Dear Abby from March 15, 1962!

"Any man who knits in public is obviously masculine enough to defend himself"

February 2nd

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Cable hell

After I finish this tam it's going to be a very long time before I perform another cable. I used to think they were fun.

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Picking or Throwing??

Hey All,
So I am a thrower (english) and in-between projects. I'm thinking of trying continental for my next (simple!) project, and was wondering how did the switch go for any of you out there? I have given it a half-hearted attempt a couple of times, get frustrated and go back to throwing....but have heard picking is much faster which I would like to be!!



February 1st

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little cap i made up with leftovers...and a dream :)

it's a cabled brim then picked stitches an just messed about to the top.

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cricket sweater finally complete

it's from the gottelier, knitting and tea book

malabrigo, mostly, and undyed

lots of cable (too much)

i have never taken this long on a sweater before (started in august)

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Some more FO

Here are a few things I have finished for Family members

January 30th

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Back from vacation

My goals were:

1) sleep
2) work on knitting
3) do other stuff

Goals met.

I must admit, it amazes me the difference in speed between something done on size 5 needles and super-chunky yarn on size 14 needles. (Yes, I have a pair of size 14. And 12. I'm OCD and have access to Google.)

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Um....sweater is done....:)))))

So I finished my sweater (Jared Flood, Brownstone). It turned out enormous. Not so much in length but around, where the gauge was spot on. It was like a tent. I'm 6'2", not exactly skinny, but there was maybe 8 inches of "ease," to put it euphemistically.

January 29th

Pattern of hat by multicoloured yarn

Hi guys,
There is a free pattern at our blog ,share with everyone.Hope you will like it.

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Josh Bennett Rowan Patterns Free Download

Josh Bennett is the featured designer in Rowan Magazine 51 (just published), and you can download the six sweater patterns for free. I have a direct link to the pattern download in my latest blog entry, along with a video link where Josh describes the inspiration for the sweaters. Check it out at