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February 6th

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Completely Unrelated to Knitting (but laughing is healthy!)

Extra explanatory notes for language geeks.

1) Turkish is one of those languages that not lots of foreigners really try to learn. Result: Turks don't often get to see their language mangled in big, official places (a la "Ingrish") like we do. Yet the general perception is that "English is easy," and if you have gotten your Level 3 whatever, you now know English.

2 at time toe up socks

Hey fellas,
I like Melissa Morgan-Oakes's book 2 at a time socks so much becuase its made for perfectly matched socks I decided to try out the toe up method.
At this point, I only have 2" finished and am about to start the pattern (texture, no color) and a little excited to see how this works.

February 6th

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Cables from hell finished

Unfortunately it called the Tabby Tam (what is it with women and cutsey pattern names) and as horrible as it was to knit it turned out really well. The pattern is by Asami Kawa and it is knit in Kathamdu DK on size 5 needles.
Here it is blocking:

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A Hat and a Kilt

KiltedKnitter (1)

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Lace Knitting

3 months Cape Town has produced this dressing gown

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Sweater Blues

Hi everyone! I think it's honestly been about a year or so since I posted here, but I've been slowly making my way back into the knitting world since I graduated college and have been pursuing a lot of different jobs and ventures.

February 5th

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I saw a hat like this on TV

I thought I can make one of those and here is my version

February 4th

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Anyone in Memphis?

I've just relocated to the Memphis area and am looking for a Men's Knitting group on Rav... Trouble is there doesn't seem to be one. Is anyone else in the Memphis area and interested in joining a Memphis Men's Knitting group with the aim of a monthly knit night?

February 3rd

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Strengthening a Stitch

I am working on a shrug and I am doing the sleeves without a seam by knitting with circular needles. I am just about ready to switch from knitting in a circle to going back and forth to create the center portion of the shrug.