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November 24th

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New Sweater

I haven't finished my wife's or my son's sweaters and I certainly can't work on them while we are all in the same room. They are both Christmas presents.

November 23rd

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New Sweater

I made a sweater for my friend Miguel. Shetland Wool, natural black, 3.25 mm needles. I decided to make a shawl collar even though I had never done one before. I inspected one at a clothing store and tried to make up a plan. I cast off 2.5 inches in the middle of the front and then decreased 2.5 inches on either side of this (every 4th row) to the neck.

November 20th

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Twisted Loop Yarn Shop

Hello all,
As usual, it has been a couple of months since I've posted anything. But for once it is not for a lack of knitting! I've actually been getting quite a bit done nowadays and have ventured out into the wonderful world of lacey cowls, fingerless mitts, and even a halter top. More about that in another blog... with pictures, for sure.

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Lopi Sweater finished. Pattern is Jon from Lopi pattern book 30 (i think)

Finished and blocked Lopi sweater, just in time. Flying to Iceland tomorrow for some R&R with friends. This sweater should be WARM, at least warmer than I'll ever need in Central California.

November 19th

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Tiny Knitted Turkey Pattern - Free

Hi Guys,
Happy Thanksgiving a few days early. Here is a free pattern I found in case anyone wants to knit a cute little tiny turkey for Thanksgiving.

I've attached the pattern if you don't want to copy and past the above URL.


November 16th

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designing boxers

Good Evening All,

Here is a picture of the first leg of a pair of ribbed boxers that I am designing. I let you know how the they progress. As you can see from the photo the fiber is Wisdom Yarn's Poems Socks which is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. Needle size being used is 3.00 mm.

Regards to all,


November 14th

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It's True, I Have Fiber Chlamydia (YTD's or FTD's) - from my post at

Yep, it's happened. And I know at this point that many of the readers that got drawn in by the title are shaking their heads in sympathy or are just plain confused... Fiber Chlamydia? Yes, that's right, fiber clap is here. Moths... More specifically, their little crawling larvae.

November 13th

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Here is

a pic of the yarn in its single stage.

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Fluff to yarn

Just a pic to show what I have been up to.

November 12th

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My attempt at knitting a Gregory Patrick Teddy Bear

I told my partner I would do it and I have--- I have knitted my first Gregory Patrick Teddy Bear. He came out cute and is going to be part of my family if I can keep my fur children away from it! I do not want him to become a causality to chewing by my dog!