Archive - Sep 7, 2011

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Cherif's Socks

A pair of socks for my friend's brother. I wasn't sure what the yarn would do, and it turned out to have such a strong pattern that I can't say it was really appropriate for the knit pattern I put into it (a purl-slip-purl pattern which is almost invisible here, and a pattern of yarnovers) but it at least kept the knitting more interesting, and it sort of works.


Just back to work after a two week vacation. I do not have a home computer and missed keeping up with the MWK website. Twas a stay-at-home vaca and I had a wonderful time simply messing around. Finished a book, sorted through an immense pile of keyboard music and chucked 75% of it.

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Sew down gently, without casting off?

I need some help!! I'm finishing up the "Hand-to-Hand Aran Pullover" in EZ's "Knitting Workshop". I'm getting to the end of the inside hem and then instructions say to "sew down gently, without casting off." Any suggestions on how to do this? Thanks!!