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September 10th

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Just to prove I really can knit

Because my attempt @ the Matthew Shephard Scrf looked pretty pathetic,
I thought I would post a pic of the Asherton Scarf I have just finished, just to prove I really can produce something.

Loved knitting this and pretty proud of the the end product

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Slogging it out with Myrna Stahman

This is my practice effort so far with the Matthew Scarf, before I start for real.
Looks nothing like ones others have knitted
Perhaps I need to go up a needle size or try a different yarn.

Also the chart is extremely hard to keep track of, without going blind.

Having trouble with the slpwise at the end and beginning of alternative rows

September 8th

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An Afternoon Quickie... Afternoon Blog Posting That Is.

I figured there was time for a quick post this afternoon. I myself slept in this morning, walked my monsters then hit the stores (Let's just pretend you care about my daily schedule, okay?).

The first thing on my list were new needles. You see, I've been working on this Echo Flower Shawl with a pair of the square knitting needles in the circular style.

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MFKR 2011 Photogragh

Art Felt Seattle Bay

September 7th

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Cherif's Socks

A pair of socks for my friend's brother. I wasn't sure what the yarn would do, and it turned out to have such a strong pattern that I can't say it was really appropriate for the knit pattern I put into it (a purl-slip-purl pattern which is almost invisible here, and a pattern of yarnovers) but it at least kept the knitting more interesting, and it sort of works.


Just back to work after a two week vacation. I do not have a home computer and missed keeping up with the MWK website. Twas a stay-at-home vaca and I had a wonderful time simply messing around. Finished a book, sorted through an immense pile of keyboard music and chucked 75% of it.

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Sew down gently, without casting off?

I need some help!! I'm finishing up the "Hand-to-Hand Aran Pullover" in EZ's "Knitting Workshop". I'm getting to the end of the inside hem and then instructions say to "sew down gently, without casting off." Any suggestions on how to do this? Thanks!!

September 5th

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Pultneyville Men's Fiber Escape


I put up a Rav. Group for info. You can check it out at:

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MFKR 2011 Video & Picture

Art Felt Seattle Bay
I had the opportunity of teaching a class at the MFKR 2011 here Is a picture of the 43 men that gathered and a small video. I hope you enjoy it.

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Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is this next weekend - September 9 - 11! Three days of fiber, sheep, herding dogs, food, classes, auctions, demonstrations, the state "Make It Yourself with Wool" competition.