Archive - Jul 12, 2011

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Queen Annes Lace Frogging "Pouts"

Not that I got confused about the pattern and everything, I did everything right in my eyes, I used Emily Ockers circular cast on and all was going according to plan.

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Philly knitting groups?


just moved to the philly area and I was wondering if there are men's knitting groups that would be open to a new member? If not are there any guys interested in starting a group?

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A daunting task.

Why do I feel so intimidated by something so small? I have a simple pattern, I mean you can’t get more basic than this, yarn and DPN’s but yet I am afraid to start.

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One of the most infamous mistakes . .

I did it again. I just started a hat and got my stitches twisted when I joined into the round. Anyone want a mobius made in 2x2 ribbing?