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July 11th

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One of the most infamous mistakes . .

I did it again. I just started a hat and got my stitches twisted when I joined into the round. Anyone want a mobius made in 2x2 ribbing?

July 11th


Hi Guys,

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Progress and Blogging

So, I posted to my other blog today. And I was already told by an e-friend it needed shared.

July 10th

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Soft, not itchy, yarn

Hello everyone. Another hot, humid day here in the Chicago area. It's 92F (33C) and very humid, a perfect time to think of knitting something warm and cozy for winter!

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Socks and Puppets

Hello all. Thanks for all the support on my first sock project. This week I just finished the other sock of the pair. The whole process was much quicker and easier.

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Mini-sweater blitz

I just finished the sweater for my great-neice. (That makes me feel so old!) I did two cardigans with cables for her unborn sister and figured big sis would feel left out.

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cardigan for a great mate

Ok - first REAL design!!

July 9th

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I'm so excited I may wet myself...

The's rocky mountain summer retreat is quickly approaching! Less than a week left! I'm fighting the urge to pre-pack.

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Fisherman Knit Pullover

I've finally finished the pullover that I started in late winter. Note to self never knit a sweater for the winter in winter!

July 8th

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Knitters block

I have run into a complete halt. I have been knitting everyday for years and since my last finished project I can't seem to pick up new or wip. Even as retreat nears, I can't find my knit mojo.