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July 15th

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First sock...progress...

Well I am enjoying my first sock knitting adventure, not the DPN’s though.

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Diving into lace.

Okay. I did it. I bought some Jade Sapphire cashmere and am starting my first lace project.

July 14th

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Afghan Progress 198 Rows

In honor of all the guys who are knitting feverishly in the mountains of Colorado, I have made it to a new goal. I was knitting and thinking of all of you.

July 13th

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fair isle pattern resource ive been drooling over for a long time

im going to buy all these patterns:

i hope they wont turn into a 4ply nightmare.

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Triangular Shawl?

Hi Guys,

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"I'm so excited."

The Pointer Sisters song title says it all. Less than 24 hours until Quinton and I leave for Rocky Mountain Men's Knitting Retreat.

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Fair Isle-ish vest ive started

After knitting blanket after blanket ive decided to start knitting myself a few vests.

July 12th

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Queen Annes Lace Frogging "Pouts"

Not that I got confused about the pattern and everything, I did everything right in my eyes, I used Emily Ockers circular cast on and all was going according to plan.

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Philly knitting groups?


just moved to the philly area and I was wondering if there are men's knitting groups that would be open to a new member? If not are there any guys interested in starting a group?

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A daunting task.

Why do I feel so intimidated by something so small? I have a simple pattern, I mean you can’t get more basic than this, yarn and DPN’s but yet I am afraid to start.