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June 10th

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And now, for something totally different -

I am planning to knit a pair of socks [Quinton would now be saying, "Of course."] but the change is that I'm using a commercial pattern vs. designing my own.

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Possibly the worst circular needles in the world?

A while back, I purchased two sets of Lantern Moon needles because they were on sale, US size 4's and 6's, and I wanted to share my not-so-great experience with them to potentially save somone the tro

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Going to NYC this summer

Does anyone know some good yarn shops there? Will be mainly in Manhattan.

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Pondering over tuna tataki

Today over lunch, I was wondering.... is it just me or does 100% wool smell REALLY bad!!???

June 9th

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Founders of Men's Knitting Retreat featured on "The Quest of Life" radio show

Forgive me if this is a repeat post. Ted Myatt, Joe Wilcox and Mike Wade were interviewed on a radio show called "The Quest of Life" - about the Men's Knitting Retreats...

June 8th

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Sock Summit Gathering!

So, for all of those guys going to Sock Summit, I was thinking that it might be fun to get together after it is all over on Sunday, July 31st.

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I have Internet!

I know that no one else is as excited as I am. What's truly sad is that the new cable with DVR isn't even all that exciting despite being able to record Glee when I'm at work.

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Fairisle Jacket complete

Hey everyone - sorry ive not been posting anything recently.

June 7th

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Danish Pattern Help!!! (again)

I tried using Google translate to translate these instructions for this lace shawl pattern. But It's just not coming out right in, calling all Danish male knitters!!!

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Hemshin Sock

Hemshin is a region in Turkey’s E. Black Sea region. There are actually two Hemshins, one near Rize, and the other near the town of Hopa. (There’s a third one in Georgia as well).