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April 16th

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Samples of cast-ons / bind-offs

I finished my 4 samples, and if you're curious to see, here's the comparisons of the 4 cast ons and bind offs side by side

Cast ons:

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Sock Knitting

Finally made a bag for my sock knitting, needs some tweaking, but it works.

April 15th

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So I started a project that i´ve wanted to do for a really long time that had been postponed because of my lack of yarnology.

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I so do not feel like working today, maybe that’s why I’ve been on MWK and Ravelry all morning.

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Jumper, tension and quilting!?

After having spent quite a while knitting my first jumper and discovering that it was much much much too large (I might gift it to Hagrid!) I became quite disheartened with knitting and so just did si

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Completed Gifts

I have just finished a couple of gifts for my partner's nephew's wife and their new son born this week. Mittens for her and Jacket/Tam for the new baby.

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Needles That Live Up To Their Name

Since there's been some discussion here lately about interchangables, I thought this post I did for the Fiber Arts Blog was worth repeating here.

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Tubular Cast On using Judy Becker's Magic Cast On

Here's the technique that I referenced in a thread where we were discussing different cast ons and cast offs.

April 14th

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Doctor Who taught me how to knit

Well, not really, but it was because of Doctor Who that I taught myself how to knit. I loved the scarves that Tom Baker wore during his tenure as the Doctor.