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March 6th

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I am knitting my first pair of socks. I am taking a class at my favorite LYS, LovelYarns in Baltimore, MD. I am overwhelmed but trudging on. It is a toe down pattern.

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Wonderfull Wallaby

Just finished - it was meant for a 6 month old but I decided to make it bigger as kids grow so fast - Now its more like for a two year old.

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The Field Mouse

As I've mentioned before, my knits are a reflection of a rural life in solitude.

March 5th

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Abysmal sock..but finished!

I finished my first sock. It really is a horrid sight. I didn't use sock-weight yarn, so it's bigger than it should be, but it was a good learning experience.

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Saturday to weave

Have started the weaving of this beautiful scarf, on this beautiful Saturday, I am hoping the yarn makes it worth the time. This yarn, Zaol is a bit of a mesh kind of yarn. Thanks for stopping by.

March 4th

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Bitten by the lace bug...

Hey guys (and ladies)-
So a few months ago, I did Brooklyn Tweed's "Juneberry Triangle." My first lace attempt, and I loved it.

Bad Sock Day

I have knit many pairs of socks---made many goof-ups and picked up lots of dropped stitches----So--in present sock in progress I dropped a stitch---tried to pick it up and dropped three more off the

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OFF TOPIC: Cooperative Project & Knitted Baby Hanten...

Hello all. This is completely off topic, but something a group like this might be able to get behind. I have started a cooperative project for prayer flags. The details are here:

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Finished Tie

Hey guys, so after a few attempts, I finally finished a neck tie.

Its just a stockinette stitch done in cotton.

Feedback would be good before i decide to wear it to work!