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March 21st

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It's nice out!

Well I sure am glad it’s nice outside. Went out on my lunch break to knit, boy an hour goes by fast! But I got plenty done and started daydreaming about what I want to do next…still no idea…

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So glad to be a part of this community..

So glad to be a part of this community, it took me so long to write something, because I had no idea what to write. I've been knitting for 5 years and making slow progress, but having fun.

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Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

So, the other day I had a co-worker call me and ask me if I would be willing to use my spare time to knit baby hats for another hospitals nursery.

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Copenhagen is dangerous for knitters...

Right now im in Copenhagen on business and today I decided to take a walk around the city and see some sights. Among the numerous sex shops and street hookers.

March 20th

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One slipper finished

I found this slipper pattern in The Knitting Man(ual) and enjoyed the process. I had to make adjustments along the way because my medium foot was not the designer's medium foot.

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Simple Jumper

I knit this for my nephew, Chris, when I was in Mexico, but washed and blocked it here in Canada before giving it to him. I used Shetland wool from Jamieson and Smith in Lerwick and 3.25mm needles.

March 19th

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Socks made from Noro

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Rockford LYS

Well my town sure needs a LYS... Just went out to find some yarn for the next project. So bummed, of the 2 stores in town, one has a crappy selection and the other is closing on the 31st.

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In the words of Herbie, FO

No, no, I didn't meet him on the street and slur his sense of style as he shouted obscenities as I smugly walked away (We've never met and I'm sure his sense of style is much better than my own).

March 17th

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Royal Wedding

I have find my next knitting project !!! I hope I'll have it done on time for the royal wedding...