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March 25th

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Overnight Shrug

Just a couple of pictures of my latest FO for my daughter. I call it the Rainbow Ribbon Shrug.

March 24th

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All set!

All packed up and ready for the Atlantis Events Caribbean Cruise! 7 days of knitting in the sun, I can't wait! I will be on my way in less than 24 hours.

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My shrug is finished!

My new pink shrug, sweet as cotton candy! What do you think?

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Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2011

Hallo Boys,

It’s time to start planning the Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat 2011!!!!

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BOOK GIVEAWAY - From my shelves to yours

Hi guys. I need to make a bit room on my book shelves so I've chosen some titles to give away.

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Intwined Studio Charting Help

I'm wondering if anyone out there uses this program as I need a bit of help. I'm charting a lace shawl design in the round.

March 23rd

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Elizabeth Taylor has died.

Just saw the news release that a great actress and humanitarian has died. I'm not surprised, given her ill health for many years. Still, she will be missed.

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WIP...Blue Willow Shawl

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Alpacas and a Baby Blanket

This weekend I took my family to Beech Springs Alpacas. The owner, Kate Brown, was very kind and wonderful with the kids. My son wanted to play "Tag" with the alpacas (see picture below).

March 22nd

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As requested.... again and again.

Okay guys, I was asked multiple times yesterday for a pattern that I use for my hats.