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March 28th

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Being #1

Last night´s insomnia event ended in 3 hours of extra study time and only 2 hours of sleep... Thank God for Starbucks and their double shot Caramel Macchiato. My exam went ... well.. it went..

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FO - another Beebee Beenkee

A friend and coworker is due in May. This is a stash-buster baby blanket.

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SOo.. its like 12:26 at the moment and I have a Microbiology exam tomorrow morning.. wuppy thank bloody insomnia.. soo.. ... to begin this new project, a little about me...

March 27th

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Planet Purl Videos

There are so many online tutorials now. They are so helpful. Recently, I was trying to become more familiar with entrelac knitting. So, off to I went.

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Call for Scholarship Nominations - Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat

Nominations Being Sought!

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Caught blue-handed

I'm helping a colleague adding sleeves to the cardigan she is knitting.

March 26th

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some advice on short rows

i was thinking of doing short row for collar of back panel so it fits better.

has anyone tried this? how long a row do you make? how close to the collar edge?

thanks in advance

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Ghetto Juice RULES!

So, I finally tried my hand at dyeing last weekend. I chose the safest route possible... KA soft drink powder.

March 25th


I am just beginning knitting and I am looking for some advice on what type needles to get.

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OT...Pork Fat Rules!