Archive - Dec 9, 2011

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Felted Slipper Boots

Hey Fellas, hoping you can help me with a little advice. I'm looking to make some felted slipper boots for a rugged, Johnny Cash-listening, heavy-silver-jewelry-wearing, vintage-car-collecting, denim-n-boots-n-leather-wearing kind of guy to use for around the garage. He has a silly pair right now that he got at some surf shop and they're falling apart.

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Help with pattern

Hi Guys,
I found a Lace Poncho that I would like to make as a Christmas gift. I am stumped by the directions and it says it's an easy pattern.

I understand the pattern stitch, but in the Poncho pattern, I don't see where you use rows 3-6 from the pattern stitch. What am I missing? Can anyone help me? I'm sure I've overlooked something simple.