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"BO" question

Hi everyone on this site. Hope all of you had a good holiday....This past weekend, I started knitting a pull over vest based on the basic one outlined in Ann Budd's "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns". I am starting to work on the arm holes and neck line. In the pattern, she indicates to "BO" but doesn't suggest "bind off" techniques.

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My newest project is called "Stone Cut Hoodie" got the pattern from Creative Knitting magazine September 2010. This is just the back I am working on. I hope to start the front in a couple of days. This is my first sweater attempt. Making it for my roommate. I think she will look good in it. The 1st pic is of what it should look like. the second is what I have done so far.

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The Mother-in-law Shawl

It's wonderful to see what gifts you guys made and received! We're having a wonderful, quiet Monday here in DC. Fire in the fireplace, leftover Christmas breakfast casserole and sourdough coffee cake, and hot tea. My elbow is much better - yesterday for Christmas I got to wash up a bit and put on a new bandage. I felt like a new guy!

MSc thesis in why men knit!

Hi all fellow knitters

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from one of the newbies on here. New to MWK and I figured I'd wish everybody a wonderful rest of the holidays and a great new year!