Archive - Nov 21, 2011

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Finished cowl

I finished knitting my cowl scarf tonight and blocked it. The scarf is drying now.

You might recall I posted a week or so ago about wanting to knit a cowl for myself. I decided on the "Purl Ridge Scarf" cowl pattern by Stephen West.

As soon as it's dry and I get it photographed, I'll post photos. - Tom

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Mutant fingerless glove

Well, I have begun my adventures in making gloves, and the results are amusing, at least. I've wanted to make gloves for some time, especially fingerless, and I have a pattern I downloaded to get to "sometime" so when a friend asked if I'd make her a pair of gloves, I thought I'd take the plunge.

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Falling Further Into The Lace Pit

I just can't seem to stop knitting lace. This is my latest. I call it Leaf and Acorn Stole. This summer, I came across the acorn and leaf pattern. It's an edging pattern from 1891 and it begged me to make it into something fun. So, here is my take on it.

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Excuse me I was absent for a long time

I greet all of the long-Krakow. People say that it will be cold winter