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November 7th

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Took a break from knitting...

Started a shawl on friday - but in CROCHET; finished it last night and it was ALMOST dry this am. Pictures to follow.

It's a simple shawl to be used for the Dickens Festival I work in the winter.

Next up - the 18 foot scarf for the new "medical student" who has joined the cast.

November 6th

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Afghan Finished

It's finally finished! I have been knitting this afghan for seven months and have learned so much...especially about unknitting and going back and fixing the odd stitch several rows down. You will have to excuse how bad I look in the picture, but I wanted to show how nicely the afghan molds to what is underneath it. The finished size is 48" x 60".

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Last Minute

It seems as though I plan things at the last minute. In March I took a cruise, book the cruise, flight, hotel and made plans for the dogs, cat and house all with 20 days to departure. Now last week I talked to my partner of 12 ½ years and thought that we should get married to make everything legal.

November 5th

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Holdoff project

I am using this afghan as a "holdoff" project hoping that by the time I am finished with it I will have worked up the courage to try to knit myself a sweater. A cabled fisherman type would be very cool.

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Hoodie help!

Hi guys,

I'm having a hard time uderstanding the hood instruction below. Can anyone help?

At beg of next row, bind off 3 sts twice, 2 sts twice, 9 (9, 10, 10, 11, 11) sts twice - 17 (17, 20, 22, 22, 24) sts. Work even for 5 (5, 5 1/2, 5 1/2, 6, 6) in. [12.5 (12.5, 14, 14, 15, 15) cm] for top of hood. Bind off. Sew bound-off edges of hood to top.

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Rehab project

As my hand heals from a surgery to correct the pain I was experiencing since February of this year, I decided to knit this scarf. I did this when it became bearable enough to pick up the needles again. Still a little pain but getting better every day. I did this also because I knew I would be laid up after having foot/toe surgery to relieve that irritating pain whenever I walk and run.

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Another cap

November 4th

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Bulky cowl patterns

I've been thinking of knitting myself a bulky cowl scarf for this winter. Maybe a mobius style, maybe not. Maybe one that also doubles as a hood, maybe not. Does anyone have a tried and true pattern to suggest?

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Thanks everybody!

Thanks everybody for your kind words and encouragement regarding my son Timothy's lymphoma diagnosis and your hat ideas. His treatments have been going very well, though they are feeling a little like a nuisance since the hospital is 260 miles from home and we have to go once a week. Thankfully friends and family have been very generous and supportive.

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Pattern in latest Knit Picks catalog

A sweater pattern I designed is in the most recent Knit Picks printed catalog ... if you get a chance check it out. It's the blue sweater second in from the bottom on page 14. It's a bit weird for me to see it there :).