Archive - Oct 31, 2011

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Baby's First Yellow Yarn

Hello men,
My dear co-worker made it through her first trimester of her pregnancy. Unfortunately, this past Friday's visit shows no fetal growth or movement, so the baby was lost. Poor dear. Mom and Dad are coping and are tough people, so they will rebound well.

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Another gift...

Another gift i made for my sister's birthday in July.
Phildar's model - 26" x 14"

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Gift to my niece...

Hi guys,
Here's a gift i finished last week for my niece Anne-Sophie...
More to come... Enjoy...

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Thanks, fellas.

So, thanks to most of you, I was able to pay of the bill owed to Etsy and reopen my shop. Lionbrand sent me an email saying that the promotion about me will be tomarrow. Yep. 1 Novemeber. Looking forward to it. On my blog, I put up a photo of the box of Fisherman's wool they sent me: