Archive - Oct 26, 2011

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What a hoot!

A kid's jumper with an intarsia owl graphic

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Scarf for my man

Just finished a seed stitch scarf with a garter border made out of this incredible hand-dyed wool we found on an Alaskan cruise last year. Love how the color travels. Off the needles a night ago. Picture attached.

Hands are itching for the next project.

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Sally Melville, New Friends, Renewed Spirit

As a belated 40th birthday gift, I had the pleasure of taking 3 knitting classes this weekend with the wonderful Sally Melville. She was kind, generous, and a wonderful encyclopedia of knitting knowledge. I am now ready to tackle knitting with more than one color (at the same time, on the same row) which most of us know as Fair Isle, though this is not true Fair Isle, so I learned this weekend.

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One thing leads to another

It’s no surprise that practicing one craft can lead to an interest and desire to learn another, especially with fiber related crafts. Many people who started with crochet have learned to knit and many who started with knitting have learned to crochet. There’s a lot of crossover between the two.