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October 25th

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One thing leads to another

It’s no surprise that practicing one craft can lead to an interest and desire to learn another, especially with fiber related crafts. Many people who started with crochet have learned to knit and many who started with knitting have learned to crochet. There’s a lot of crossover between the two.

October 25th

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What are they thinking?

the new look for bikers?

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This is a post on my blog, I thought I would post here.

October 24th

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Decreases for 2X2 ribbed hat?

I'm doing a gauge swatch with a knitting sheath and some US1 needles. In keeping with some good advice, the swatch is a hat. Like, if you're making a swatch anyway, why not make it something useful?

October 23rd

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Cable Guy Sweater from Son of Stitch N Bitch

I am trying to knit the Cable Guy sweater from Son of Stitch N Bitch, and I have a really big question.

October 22nd

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Chic-a Double Yarn Holder - Great for Socks!

I've been internet shopping lately (the only way to get good knitting supplies for us in NZ) and I came across this wonderful yarn holder; it's great for those who knit both socks at the same time (which I do). The promo advertisement says it can also be used for fair isle knitting but that would be useful only if there were only two colours used in the project.

October 21st

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Back at it

I've been away from knitting for a while, thanks to life getting too hectic (excuses, I know). Anyway, back at it and doing a simple scarf just to get the feel back. I found some great merino/cotton yarn I bought a long time ago, and decided this would be great yarn to get my hands back into it. So far, it's going great!

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San Miguel Allende

Ola' from San Miguel de Allende. This place is incredible, beautiful, charming and magical.

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Advanced Increases

I came across this on line and thought I'd share. They're symmetrical increases which would be great for knitting a sleeve in the round.

Happy viewing!

October 20th

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Miss A's Fabulously Long Diva Scarf

I finished, blocked, and gifted the half-herringbone fagot stitch scarf for my friend Miss A. She is the one who gave me needles and taught me the knit stitch. Laid out, it is right about 7' long. It is a simple yet attractive pattern. The yarn is Encore Colorspun by Plymouth Yarn, worsted weight, on size 10 (bamboo) needles.