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January 21st

Need Bow Tie Pattern!

I am currently trying to attempt to knit a bow tie. Does anyone have a good pattern I could use? Also for knitting bow ties and regular ties what is the best size needle to use?

January 20th

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Oy..2 calls for help in a row!

So I found a flower to knit that I thought was cute enough for my friend's gift....most of it is easy peasy and i'm having no trouble with it. Yeah..until I get to this....

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Project Complete!

I've finally finished the sweater I started back in October. Darn school, work and Holidays getting in the way of knitting. (pun mildly intended.)

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Looking for a flower pattern...

I'm relatively new to the forums...mostly a lurker, but finally found a reason to post. I'm in need of help!

January 19th

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aran afghan update

Hello all! It feels like forever since I've posted anything here. Knitting has been put on the back burner lately, as I have been super busy with my new job.

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CAUSE Hat relased

I am really excited to announce my first pattern is released on Ravelry! - check out the pattern:

on Ravelry:

or on my website:

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Whiskey and wool.

Quick back story. Grandfather had a small place, 10 acres out in the middle of nowhere on the Florida, Georgia line. He died about 2 years ago. The place has been vacant up until now.

January 18th

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We have a baby!!!

It was foretold anyway, when I was knitting for all of the other babies earlier in the year...

My sister made me an uncle again with a 8lb, 19 inch boy.

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Big Box Store Help

So, because of my rural living (which I do love until I want nice yarn), I find myself in Big Box stores quite often, trying to find "good" yarn for myself and acrylic for kid friendly and inexpensive

January 17th

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The First Pattern Tweek