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Thrummed Mitts

This is a pair of mitts for a good old Canadian winter lol

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Irish Hooded scarf HELP!

Okay so i am making a hooded scarf for my "old lady" for Christmas, but I have ran into a pattern snag.
I need help reading this pattern so that I know what to do next. The scarf is easy, the hood I am having a problem with. I will type out the instructions and maybe someone can tell me what I am not getting here.

I already cast on my 80 stitches. I completed the following two rows:

November 30th

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More FO's

I have been busy getting ready for a sale this weekend lol. Any excuss to keep knitting, the grey cowl was inspired by our fellow knitter Paul, in a wool blend, the scarf is pure silk and the cardigan is Donegall Tweed

November 29th

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Satin needed for Baby Blanket

I have been making a baby blanket using Baby's First Lion Brand Yarn. It's a chunky yarn made up of 55% Acrylic and 45% Cotton. I chose to do this simple pattern that is more reminiscent of the tried-and-true washcloth pattern that has been used for hundreds of years. The parents like think simple.

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Carolina Fiber Festival-Men's Fiber Meet Up and Shameless Promotion

Great News! The Carolina Fiber Festival will be held on May 18-20, 2012 at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC. I attended 2 years ago and had a great time. This year they are in the beginning planning to have a Men's Fiber Meet Up at the Festival! I think this was a great idea (I simply mentioned it in a message to the coordinator).

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What comes around goes around…and comes back around again

A week or two ago I saw a young woman sporting a beehive hairdo. This woman was maybe in her mid 20’s and it wasn’t any disheveled Winehouse-esque look either. She was quite well dressed and her beehive was well done and perfectly in place.

November 27th

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Cowl for my sister

Just finished a cowl for my sister. Used the pattern Elis (free pattern on Ravelry)...took a few tries to get the indian cross stitch correct, but I am pleased with the results. Here is a pic of it while blocking...looks better draped around the neck. Hope she likes it!

November 26th

Just another

Just another quilt to show until I get my first knit project finished.

November 25th

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Just finished MMario's Queen Annes Lace!!! Took me four months to makeit so im super excited to have it done!!! I used 3 skeins of Knit Picks Gloss Lace in the Cyan colorway and it turned out beautiful!!! I would so knit this pattern again although after this behemoth of a project I think im going to take a break from lace for a little while and knit a few pairs of socks! HAH!

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Finished Item

Here is a scarf I design to go with the short row hat pattern I like doing so much