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August 21st

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A question?

To all the sock knitters out there do you use a reinforcing thread in the heel and toe area if so what do you use.?

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Want some Free Yarn?

Hi all,

Hope you'll take a moment to read about my generous, free stash I got on Freecycle! Ask, and you shall receive.

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My first Triangular Shawl and Charity Blanket

Here is my recently completed Triangular shawl. It is a Lion Brand yarn and pattern and my daughter is modeling it.

August 20th

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A little laughter never hurts...

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Class starts tomorrow

HI, everybody - I'm starting a class tomorrow. No, not taking ... teaching: I'll be instructing a class based upon my Split Reed pattern as shown in the "Think Outside the Sox" book from XRX.

August 19th

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Girly Girly Girly

This is just too strange for words - everything I have knit to date has been pretty much a shade of grey and for men (with one exception of the green cotton top).

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Helmet Liners

Just finished my first helmet liner. Need to make a couple more before I send them out. I used a blend of 85% Merino and 15% Baby Camel. Very warm and soft.

August 18th

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New to site

I have been new to menwhoknit for about two weeks. I have been a knitter since about age 15 (> 30 years) when I had a wonderful art teacher who taught me how to knit.

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Cape Cod/Provincetown Knitting Community?

In Provincetown for the week (and for the first time) enjoying the thrills of Carnival week and happily knitting away at a few new projects.

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New Project Bag

I wanted to share a few pictures with you all. I bought this simple canvas messenger bag at a local festival to carry around all of my purchases of the day.