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August 25th

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In the Gallery

Yesterday was one of those endlessly grey, rainy London days - and I was looking after my friend's little boy for the afternoon.

August 25th

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"Aa to Zz" Baby Sweater

Just finished putting on the buttons for this baby sweater. It's for a friend of a friend who's due in September.

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Joining in...

Bonjour and Hi to all,

August 23rd

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Aran Shrug ...

As many of you know I love cables. I wrote an ebook a while back about multi-strand braids (any number from 4 - ????) and put it up on my blog.

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The finished product

Ok - finally got this shot on my boy as he was heading out to work this morning wearing the Jumper - fits like a glove!


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New to the group

Hello and greetings everyone I am knew to the site and old to the art of knitting. My aunt taught me crochet when I was 13 and I self taught my self knitting when I was 25.

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Who's Terry? - Of Men and Garments

Who's Terry?, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Start: 14th January 2010
Finish: 21st August 2010
Needles: 3.5 mm and 4 mm Addi Turbo
Yarn: "Saphir" by Bernetta Wolle; 65% new wool, 15% super kid mohair, 20% nylon; Colour #438.02 (beige/natural), dye lot #9006381
Pattern: "Terry's Pullover" by Carol Feller, from Interweave Knits, Holiday Gifts 2009
Modification: Knitting the sleeves in the round. I really cannot fathom why the designer knitted the body in the round and knitted the sleeves flat (she said it's easier to join)...but I think that it's kinda nonsense and seaming down the sleeves totally beats the purpose of this otherwise wonderfully seamless construction....because it's obvious that it can be done seamlessly.

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New York City!

So I've finally moved in and settled into the big apple. I love my apartment (as long as we don't get bed bugs). I already have found a job to work, that is until I find a better one.

August 22nd

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Finished Alpaca!!!

Courtesy of rjr585, I was lucky enough for him to send me a pound or two of Alpaca fiber in three different natural shades!

August 21st

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Today is my knitting birthday.

Went down to the SF Main today to get my knit together at “Knit Happens!” They have it every third Saturday of the month and it was the third Saturday of August, 2009 at Knit Happens!