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August 31st

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I know this is off topic, but...

I hope you'll all take a moment to read my interview with Abdi Farah, winner of the Bravo reality tv show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, as talks about his experience as an artist on the show, on

August 30th

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Retirement Scarf

Here it is, only 2 days in the making. A scarf for a friend I knew was retiring, but the retirement came sooner than expected.

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Back in the swing of things

Maybe it was the oppressing summer heat, or maybe it was simply a lack of inspiration... whatever the reason, I didn't really pick up my knitting needles at all in June or July.

August 29th

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Little Red Riding Hood is here!

Hi all, I just finished another doll, Little Red Riding Hood. Take a look and tell me what you think! You can read more about it at my blog:


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Baby blanket and Swatch

Just two projects I have been working on. Finished the baby afghan last Friday night for a friend who had her son 2 weeks early. She will be getting the gift on Monday.

August 28th

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Question re: slipping first stitches

Hi guys,

August 27th

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After knitting my first pair of socks

I decided to handpaint some yarn to make some more.

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Runner Design

I want to make a runner to go along the top of my upright piano. I want something that lays fairly flat so I can put picture frames on it and nothing too lacy.

August 26th

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Finally made my first pair of socks using the hat heel method.

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...and some feline assistance...

So after the wet afternoon, I came home and set about some sewing up of the nightmare herringbone jacket I was moaning about last week...and this is some 'help' from one of my cats...