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July 8th

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Red Alpaca Sweater

Hey guys - Well what better time to finish up a hot alpaca sweater than during a summer heat wave. I'm off on a "Fiber Arts Tour " in Peru on Monday. YEAH!

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2 more scarves

I've been knitting feverishly for a few weeks on several things. These are the latest 2 items. The first is a Noro scarf in the feather and fan stitch pattern. It is my first blocking venture.

July 7th

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Visiting Toronto

Next month I will be visiting Toronto! August 11-14. I haven't been there since I attended Pride in 2003 and I cannot wait to visit again.

July 6th

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Does a Bear Knit in the Woods?

Here is a teddy that I have been making for baby gifts.

I'm not a "Bear" by the way.

July 5th

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Newish knitter fatally frogs a month’s worth of double-knittting

I was whining a couple of weeks ago at Monday Night Knit in San Francisco about how loose and loopy my double-knit bath mat was looking.

July 4th

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Why I Knit

Have you ever made a mistake while knitting, and then you just go on knitting happily away until you finally “wake up” and go to put the knitting down, or worse yet when you’ve already taken a b

July 3rd

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It's been a year.

...and I still miss Jason.

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Baby Blanket Progress and Happy 4th of July

Hi Everyone. My baby blanket for my cousin's 2nd kid is almost done. I just cast off the end. I just need to weave in the ends.

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Lace Knitting Pattern Keeper

I knew I was going to have trouble keeping track of my pattern but I wanted to start on the lace and didn't want to wait for a pattern keeper from KnitPicks.

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Problem with edges

Hello everyone, after being a member of this web community for almost 3 years I finally decided to practice my cast on, knits, and purls (continental style).