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July 12th

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Back- With a Vengeance!

... Ok, so no vengeance (I like you guys too much...) but I am back!

July 11th

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Music to Knit By


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Raglan Sleeves

I'm just finishing up another sweater and this time it has raglan sleeves.

July 10th

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Holy BABIES!!!

* My brother's wife just gave birth.
* My second cousin just gave birth.
* My friend from grade school will be giving birth in a few months.

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Visiting NYC, last week of July.

Hey guys, just wondering what knit-worthy things I need to try to hit while in NYC this month. I will be staying and working at the new W NY Downtown (by World Trade site).

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Somerset craft club knits jumpers for bald chickens


From the BBC:

Grace and Peace,

July 9th

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Blocking pad--FYI

I had to block my Noro Scarf recently and had no pads to use. Fortunately I had an old camping pad made out of foam (the kind you use under a sleeping bag).

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Backlashes are nasty

So, I'm leaving Savannah, heading out to my father's on Wilmington Island to avoid the nastiness that I've faced around town since the release of my book.

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Blanket from leftovers

I have just finished this blanket. About 25 years ago i made a shaggy rug, and the blanket is knitted from the leftovers. I used even the smallest pieces.

July 8th

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Completed Miniature Leaf Lace Curtains...Finally!

I finally finished the second curtain - long overdue.