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June 12th

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Cabled Bolero - FINALLY!

Hi guys,

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Knitting apps for the iPhone

I've joined the techno brigade and got myself an iPhone...and although I'm not completely bowled over by it's charms, (it will, of course,ook better with a knitted cover) It is nice to be on an early

June 11th

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First Summer Trip

Off to Chattanooga today to see my Granny. Any good yarn shops there? I looked up a few but could not tell. Like to hear first hand experiences. Finishing up with school today.

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Philadelphia KIP June 19th, Rittenhouse square

There's a KIP in Philadelphia at Rittenhouse square on the 19th that I was planning on going to, but the friend I was going with is now unable to go.

June 9th

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Has Anyone Knitted the Mananita?

Has Anyone knitted the Mananita Shawl by Meg Swansen? I'm having some trouble with the needle sizing. I'm not sure how big should I go? In her pattern she suggests 10 US, but that is way to huge.

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We'll see how this goes....

I just posted my second actual "For Sale" pattern on Ravelry. The first one has had an astonishing sale of two (that's right, TWO) copies in the past six months.

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la pride

anyone coming to la pride? we should have a knit-in

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la pride

anyone coming to la pride? we should have a knit-in

June 8th

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Green Apple Poncho

I just finished this poncho for my great niece's 8th birthday. She's built like a beanpole so I figured that a poncho would fit her better than my attempt at guessing her sweater size.

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A few more pix...

Here's the finished beastie...
I'm still so pleased with it- and blocking wasn't the nightmare I was anticipating!
Now if I can get up the nerve to try Mmario's "wedding peacock..." hmmmm....!