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May 31st

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A bit of LOTR knitting

While I have left my Evenstar shawl sitting in a corner unfinished during the last month or two, I did manage to finish a related handsome bit of lace named after a handsome bit of elf.

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Ideas, Anyone?

I have been on the lookout for a pattern for a rectangle shawl that uses both cables and lace... Any ideas?

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My first lace knitting

I finally finished knitting and blocking my first lace project, which was homework for one of the workshops I took at the MSKR last weekend.

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Socks socks socks!

Haven't posted for a while. Been knitting socks like a madman with what's left over from my stash. None of the yarn is for socks.

Any good recomendations for sock yarn?

May 30th

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Traveling Woman Shawl and a Baby Sweater

I did the Traveling Woman Shawl in The Fleece Artist's Trail Socks. It was a lot of fun and really quick. I blocked it into a triangular shape.

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Memorial Week Private Sale at Sarah's Yarns

Sarah's Yarns Memorial Week Sale

Now through Thursday, June 3, 2010
or While Supplies Last

May 29th

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MSKR10 Boxer Shorts Reveal

Hey boys!

May 28th

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Short row heel

My sock-knitting obsession continues, and I tried a short row heel. I'm pleased but not 100% satisfied.

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Newland Modified

I modified this pattern to take advantage of the beautiful design, now to make the second sock, before I lose steam lol!

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OMIGOSH... I use to knit with THAT?!

So... I recently decided that it was time to start going into my bins of yarn and doing an inventory of what I have on hand...