Archive - Apr 8, 2010

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And completed

The socks have been completed.

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Intwined Studio

I could have sworn we had a thread going on this software; but I can't find anything except Teej's cosy pattern....

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Knitscene Easy 2010

Hi guys, for all the beginning knitters out there, might want to try out Knitscene Easy 2010 that just hit the newstands. It's by Interweave Press.

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grumble/whinge/rant/grumble; mutter, mutter, mutter

For about 15 months I've had a download available on a "certain site". It showed in my "store"; it showed in my designs; it showed in my projects. Lots of ways to find it.

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HELP!!!!! Shaped sleeve head in the round

Dear knitting brethren,