Archive - Apr 18, 2010

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Sock pattern in Italian with English translation

So a deal has been struck.... In mid-June my partner and I are heading to Amsterdam for a few days and then will continue on to explore northern Italy for almost two weeks.

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Recommendations in New York City

Hi guys,

Will be visiting Manhattan at the end of April. Any cool knitting shops that are recommended???

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Now What Scarf

Hi Guyz,

Now that I've almost completed my "toe-up how do the heel sock",
I would like to start a new project.

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Back home :(

Hello guys. Missed you all. Back home now after a lovely three weeks holiday travelling all over the UK.

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My first sweater...

Well, I'm "finished" with my first sweater, which I started in January.

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WillyG, Harper

Will brought his harp with him this weekend to get some work done for a recital next weekend.