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April 17th

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French speaker with facebook ;-)

Hello to all, for those who speak French, and who wants to make a good think to a small shop of yarn in Brussels, trying to survive ... It just created a facebook page ...

April 16th

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speaking of drum carders and MSKR (SMKR?)

a couple years ago when I dropped in to Niche in Atlanta they were using a drum carder and showing various techniues....The one I like wa using the drum carder to produce roving that had long very gra

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I can't believe today is finally Friday. This has been the most taxing week back ever. I have come home late most evenings and too tired to knit.

April 15th

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So long, so LONG!

This is the first blog I’ve written in over a year…and what a mad year it’s been.

April 14th

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Knitters and Bed and Breakfasts

One of our members, Scarlett, wrote an article about awesome

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Here's a sweater design for men by Vivian Westwood.
...I don't think I'm going to be knitting this anytime soon...

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Completed the Wedding Peacock Wedding Veil

After 14 months I've finished the Wedding Peacock wedding veil design from MMario.

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Maryland S&W approaches...

Well, my money's in, and I'm scheduled to take the bus to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival again. Is anyone planning to go?

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critter contest

Alright, you guys that like to create these critters, here's the contest for you!

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Random knitting thoughts brought on by Ravelry

So I have been banging around Ravelry for a few months now. LOOOOOOOVE IT! That aside I have been completely amazed at just how many folks are knitting EZ patterns.