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April 20th

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I need a Puppy Fix...
Buck...we need more puppy pics!

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Rod's Jumper continued

Well after the last post I put up about this one - Chris described it as looking like a biology experiment - thanks Chris!

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Off to Outer Banks

Leaving this afternoon to go to the Outer Banks. Will be making a brief stop for my wife to look at some Dachshund pups for my kids.

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Fibre Tour, Washington county, NY

You can kick off the spring fiber season with the * 18th Annual Washington County Farm and Fiber Tour *, which will take place this year on a dozen different farms across Washington County, NY, April

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Spring! AMEN.

It appears as if the never-ending Winter is receeding and Spring is emerging.

April 19th

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Don's Vest - Finished and Blocking

Finally finished my Don's Vest. I paid VERY particular attention to details on this one which made finishing seem like an eternity.

It is just fresh out of the washing machine and blocking now.

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I trusted the pattern....that was silly.

So, I got to the point on the front part of my sweater where I have to bind off 11 of the center stitches for the neck...and now, im stuck.

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Time to Knit

Another weekend has gone by and I did not get any time to knit. Chores and life just seemed to take over.

April 18th

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Sock pattern in Italian with English translation

So a deal has been struck.... In mid-June my partner and I are heading to Amsterdam for a few days and then will continue on to explore northern Italy for almost two weeks.

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Recommendations in New York City

Hi guys,

Will be visiting Manhattan at the end of April. Any cool knitting shops that are recommended???