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oh dear.

One of those moments when you realize that instead of merely repairing the holes on the underside aran panels of the sleeves on the sweater for the old lady in assisted care with're goi

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I think I beat the low motivation monster.

Thanks for all the suggests and ideas to overcome low motivation . . . I went back to the project after a few days, and I saw my mistake. It was, fortunately, easy to fix.

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swirled log cabin??

I have seen a pattern for a log cabin (dishcloth I believe) that starts out with the traditional square but then each of the subsequent "rectangles" are more pie slice shaped so that it forms a swirl

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Branching out scarf

I wanted this to be more special then it is. It's knit in Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy which is a Hemp/cotton/modal (rayon) and it feels like packing string.

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Portland Kntting Fun Fest

Hey guys:

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2010 KAL

Thanks to Carl for being an overachiever!! Glad they turned out awesome. here is my progress on the KAL as well.

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Combination Knitting

So my grandmother (who originally taught me to knit) told me that she knit continental.