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February 20th

February 19th

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No I haven't

No I haven't knitted these two scarf in the last couple of days, they have been mouldering in a cupboard until I blocked them.

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Shawl Collars and Sweater Vests

So, here it is: my cabled sweater vest. All done, and quickly being broken in with wearing.

you can read more about it on my blog:

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Felted Clogs

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Knit Like A Man

I apologize if this article has been posted before but I found it too much fun to pass up.
Knit Like A Man

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Men's shorts

the first pattern listed is free...

this one was published in Knit.1, Summer 2006

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Mitten redo and pre-gaming for final round

Ok so I did what you guys suggested in my last posting about frogging the mitten down to the cuff, and starting with the stranded work again, I did it and now Im almost done with mitten number 1, and

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A BIG thank you!

First of all, thanks so much to all of you sweet guys for your kind words and sentiments about my work in Haiti! It felt like a big, warm hug that my weary body much needed upon return.

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Rock Hudson

Beefcake, Closeted Actor, knitter!!

February 18th

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KAL Breakdown

Okie dokie boys, Here comes the tally so far and with that I will also spell out the pros/cons as I see them. (and remember I see the world through bourbon colored glasses....