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February 21st

My knitty babies

I have 2 maltese X girls and they are really a light for me on those dark days. Their names are Ping and Pong.

February 21st

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Going... going... gonna do it!!!!!

Well gents.... gonna make a final choice for the KAL and will post sometime late tomorrow evening. If anyone has any last minute concerns/gripes/ideas please let me know.

Diaries of a Compulsive Christmas Knitter Vol. 2

7 down.... 31 to go!!!

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More FO's...I warned ya!

This is a set that I knit for my best friends' 2 year old, Emma. The cap and mittens patterns were out of "The Big Book of Kids' Knits" by Zoe Mellor--GREAT stuff in this book.

February 20th

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Can't do the continental

I promised myself that this weekend I would learn how to knit by the continental method and I have had it!My next project is going to be a sweater in a seed stitch and I read somewhere that if I could

Diaries of a Compulsive Christmas Knitter Vol. 1

OK... here we go. 38 projects in 52 weeks.... seriously. I have decided to impose my love for knitting and crochet on just about every single person I know for Christmas 2010.

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Speaking of Lagniappe...

Here are a couple of more FO's. I'm starting to feel uneasy, because if my UFO pile gets any smaller I'm afraid I might get kicked out of the club! (",)

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"The Bag Ladies"

Mommy Dearest has been asking me for crocheted purses for years (she's a big 'o tree hugging, poet shirt wearin' hippy)!

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My Saturday Offering

I knit this one yesterday to celebrate the fact that the sun rose in the east. I'm running out of rationales, so I guess I'll just keep knitting for the hell of it.

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Ralph Loren Opening Ceremony Sweater

Has anyone seen a pattern for a copy of this sweater?