Archive - Dec 24, 2010

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Merry Christmakwanzaahanukkah!

I hope all of you are having a great holiday season as we journey towards another new year. Best wishes!


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Knitting diet

Knitter's elbow! What pain in the butt. This developed a couple of weeks ago as I was trying to finish a couple of projects before the end of the year.

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Holden Shawlette

I blocked this shawlette yesterday. I'm so embarrassed that it's not one of Mario's patterns. Sorry Mario - you know I'm totally dedicated to your patterns!

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wishes label

This must be ABSOLUTLY stitched on all the side seam of the garments that you will put this evening...
Best wishes for this X-MASS....

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Holiday Knitting

So, this is my first yr that I've decided to knit some gifts for people. Being that this is like my 5th yr or so into knitting, you'd probably think I would've done that already, huh?