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December 16th

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Knitting Group in Boston Area?

Hello, fellow knitting dudes.

December 15th

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A Christmas Ornament

Hello all,

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Niebling Book Recommendation

Knitter dudes: What is a good Niebling starter book and where can I find it?



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Mitred Squares

Hi guys, just a quick question.

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Sea Lace Necklace

The Sea Lace Necklace designed by Sarah Pundersson is knitted in Habu Textiles Wool & Stainless Steel, a purple colour, red beads and green/blue beads have been knitted in. Needles 2.25mm.

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I need your help guys ...

Hi everybody, I need your help for an ongoing project I am doing. It's described on my blog and I would love it if you could take a minute to read it.

December 14th

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Hat Update.

Ok, so I made a test hat this past weekend. It turned out quite well, I even manged to do my first invisible seam.

December 13th

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Need help with this project

So, I'm kinda new to the site. I signed up a while ago, but never really used it save for a few peaks here and there.

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Santa Hat

Finished my Santa hat in time to wear for the holidays. Needed some help with the pom pom but it turned out great!

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Moab Socks

Just finished these for a friends' son. She started them and then handed them off to me to finish. I put them on Magic Loop and had them completed in no time.