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November 9th

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Another Knitter in the Family

Last night after watching the latest DVR episode of Hannah Montana, when Hannah reveals to the world that she is Miley, my daughter had cried for like 20 minutes at the sad retrospective on the show.

November 7th

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Yarn Organization

As my stash of yarn keeps growing, I really want a neat way to organize and display my yarn. Right now, I have a beautiful wooden cabinet with glass doors that I am using.

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Black Is Hard To Knit

I seem to have a hard time finding a cheap, acrylic, watchman's hat when winter starts to set in. I lose my hats a lot, hence the preference for inexpensive acrylic hats.

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Nine Inch Needles: Boston Area Queer Men's Stitch Group

Hey All,

There's a great group of guys who gather every week in Somerville (right next door to Boston proper) to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, and hang out.

November 6th

Needle Threader

long time lurker, found this needle threader the other day thought I'd share in case I wasn't the only one that didn't know they existed.

November 5th

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My first project

Hello Men,

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Firefly Fringed Scarf (or shawl)

This is a VERY easy, VERY quick knit. Highly recommended if you need/want to make something and are out of time!

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mediaeval nightcap/indoor cap

I knit this cap as part of my halloween costume this year, but boy does it feel good of a night in this draughty old house! I'd wondered for years how those things were made; you see them sometimes in 15/16th century portraits.

November 4th

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Egyptian Sweater

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design question

i am making a ribbed cuff for the sleeve that i want to be snug, stretchy and then want the sleeve to puff out some after the ribbing.