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October 24th

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I am still around

Sorry chaps, but I have been very busy since moving to Nova Scotia, getting settled, knitting like mad for a show in Halifax Nov 5,6 and 7th. I will try to attach some of the things I will be selling

October 23rd

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Pics of Socks

My first pair of socks from the Red Cross Pattern on Ravelry. They are a bit large.
100% Red Lion Wool. I think I'll try something smaller out of a blend for my next pair.

October 22nd

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Anyone Knit Pants Before?

Hi all,

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WSJ Article About Men's Knitting Circle at Knitty City

Did you all read this one? It was in the Wall Street Journal 10/22/10 edition page A22:

October 21st

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The bag has been lined

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Sorry I haven't posted any work. The new editors are running me crazy. This is the latest jacket in print ( 22 more).

October 20th

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Finished knitting blue sweater

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I think im in love...

With lace knitting!!!! Im about halfway through chart 3 on the Lil Bunny FooFoo shawl by MMario and I just LOVE this pattern!!! Easy to follow, challenging, and purrrrrdddyyyyy!!

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A little bit of Color

October 19th

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In the Pink Shawl