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January 21st

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Proud papa

We are a knitting family of sorts. Besides me, my wife and 2 of 3 kids are knitters (my 4-year-old isn't ready).

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New Book Bag

So I haven't had a new bag for school for about five years, so I decided that it was time for a new one.

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Norwegian Star Hat

I've been practicing stranded knitting. I can't throw worth a damn, so I've been teaching myself to hold both colors in my left hand. This was fun and worked up really fast.

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What do you wear under the kilt?

.................................................stockings of course Ray was kind enough to ask about kilt hose, so I thought I'd share with y'all too!

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Any such things as a quick blanket?

Disney has this new promotion going on where if you volunteer for something you get a free day at the parks.

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My Foot Prints

January 20th

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curling queery

I am making another baby blanket. The edge is a seed stitch and the body is a stockinete stitch. The problem is that the seed stitch border is folding over onto the blanket.... Help :-)

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Tracks in the Snow Hat

I also am on a hat project- I intend to burn through my stash having fun with hats, and contribute the results, for good or ill, to a local helping group.

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WHat to do when you have a gazillion or more things you should be doing? Do something else entirely, of course!

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I'm a HORRIBLE knitter

The hat that I just posted was the first non-lace thing I've done in a long while. It was knit in the round and done completely in stockinette. My tension is awful!